Thursday, July 28th, 2022
At 13:32 hours on July 26th, Chittenango Fire was alerted to a Structure Fire on Lakeport Rd. Chittenango Chiefs arrived on scene to find a two car, detached garage with moderate smoke showing.Firefig...
Wednesday, August 24th, 2022
We welcomed our new 2022 Spartan Engine to our fleet to replace our 2002 Smeal Engine. Our members have spent hours loading hoses and equipment so that we are able to put the engine into service. Alon...

Awards from our Annual Banquet


Firemen's Auxiliary Award: This award is presented by the president to a member for their outstanding service and dedication to the Chittenango Fireman's Auxiliary during the year.  This award acknowledges the member's participation in meetings, fundraisers, and work details and the outside fire service organizations.

2021-Tracy DeLia

2018-John and Pam Van Deusen

2017-Cassie Crane

2016-Theresa Sample

President's Award: This award is presented by the president to a member for their outstanding service and dedication to the Chittenango Fire Co., Inc. during the year.  The award acknowledges the member's participation in meetings, fundraisers, and work details and outside fire service organizations.

2021 Kelly Boyer

2020 Pam Van Deusen

2019 Mike Lavoie

2018 Pam Van Deusen

2017-Marsha Tierney

2016- Jason Ferguson

2015-Anita Baldwin

2014-Jeff Geer

2013-Pam Van Deusen

2012-William Baldwin Jr.

2011-Charles "Dickie" Wilcox

2010-Bob Freunscht

2009-Jim House

2008-Charles "Dickie" Wilcox

2007-Peter Rowlingson

2006-AAaron Centner

2005-Dan Welker

2004-Trina Baldwin

2003-Bob Freunscht

2002-Fay Britton

2001-Richard Miller Jr.

2000-Luann Nourse

EMS Member of the Year: This award is presented by the Chief, to the outstanding crew member each year whose unselfishness and dedication to our service and community far exceeds the required standards.

2021-Jeff Geer

2017-Chris Lipinski

2016-Jim Daly

2015-Wayne Miller

2014-Jeff Geer

2013-Jeff Geer

2012-Wayne Miller

2011-Kathleen Edgin

2010-Kathleen Edgin

2009-Daniel Bross

2008-Jeff Geer

2007-Jeff Geer

2006-Jeff Geer

2005-Jeff Geer

2004-Anita Baldwin

2003-Wayne Miller

2002-The William Baldwin Sr. Family

2001-Anita Baldwin

2000-Jeff Geer

1999-Anita Baldwin

1998-Anita Baldwin

1997-Anita Baldwin

1996-Anita Baldwin

1995-Jeff Geer

1994-Anita Baldwin

1993-Dorene Fox

1992-Anita Baldwin

1991-Anita Baldwin

1990-Eric Brown

1989-Aniita Baldwin

1988-Anita Baldwin

1987-Sue Reaume

1986-Pat Boronczyk

Firefighter of the Year: This ward is presented by the Chief and recognizes the outstanding firefighter(s) for their participation during the year.  The award acknowledges the member's response to alarms, drills, work details, and equipment maintenance and outside fire service organizations.

2021-Erick Haas

2017-Rob Ramos

2016-John and Pam Van Deusen

2015-Jason Baker

2014-Jim Daly

2013-James Bongiovanni

2012-Jim House

2011-Charles "Dickie" Wilcox

2010-Brian Bonnell

2009-John Morgan

2008-Jim House

2007-Jason Ferguson

2006-Pam Van Deusen

2005-John Morgan and Tom Emmons

2004-Robert Freunscht

2003-Jeff Geer

2002-John Morgan

2001-Luke Wittwer

2000-Robert Atwood

1999-John Morgan

1998-Jeff Geer

1997-Jeff Mouck

1996-Jeff Mouck

1995-John Van Deusen

1994-Jeff Geer

1993-Ron Goeler

1992-Bill Lynch and Stan Boronczyk

1991-Jim House

1990-Wayne Carpenter

1989-Howard Simmons

1988-Wayne Carpenter

1987-John Van Deusen and Terry Mann

1986-Fred Poole

Jeff Shetler Memorial Award: This award is presented in memory of Jeff Shelter.  This award acknowledges a new member's commitment to the Chittenango Volunteer Fire Company and the Community, to meet the challenges and higher standards placed on today's firefighters.

2021- Brian Schermerhorn

2017-Chris Lipinski

2016-Rob Ramos

2015-Amanda Weaver

2014-Richard Grover Jr.

2013-James Bongiovanni

2012-Richard Riddell

2011-James Daly

2010-Tim Flaherty

2009-Daniel Bross

2008-Charles "Dickie" Wilcox

2007-Stephen Lyman

2006-Jason Ferguson

Ray Steding Memorial Award: As a 65-year active member, Ray  held the office of both Chief and President.  He was a friend, a leader and most of all loving and caring for his fellow man.  Ray was honest, compassionate, dedicated and hard working.  A true example of what being a volunteer firefighter is all about.  Criteria:  10 years active membership.  Current Active, Life, or Reserve member, or Ladies Auxiliary Member and been elected to an office.

2019 Ed Gratien

2018-Terry Mann

2017-Charlie Seeber

2016-Mike Sudol

2015-James and Caroline Button

2014-Anita Baldwin

2013-Donald Lee

2012-Robert Bloss

2011-Jeri Rowlingson

2010-Royal Smith

2009-Pam & John Van Deusen

2008-Jeff Geer

2007-Paul and Wilda Gifford

2006-Jim & Cathy House

2005-Thelma Taylor

2004-Wayne Carpenter

2003- Ray and Mickie Gifford

2002-Peter Rowlingson

2001-Mary Rosko

2000-Jack Lynch

1999-George and Donna Baker

1998-Harold Stooks

1997-Francis "Sonny" Van Deusen

1996- Warren Bender

1995-Ernest "Red" Taylor

1994- Robert Freunscht

1993-Fay Britton

1992-Ernest Rossi

1991-Ed & Ruth Shoemaker


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